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The Ultimate Guide to Charlotte's Sports Scene

Charlotte, NC, is a city with a diverse and thriving sports scene, as it's home to several professional sports teams, including the NBA's Charlotte Hornets, the NFL's Carolina Panthers, and NASCAR's Charlotte Motor Speedway. You can also catch various other athletic events in the city, from college sports to minor-league baseball and hockey.

Both casual fans and diehard enthusiasts will surely enjoy the Queen City with its range of sports experiences. So, check out our ultimate insider's guide if you're looking for a place to test your athletic prowess or celebrate your favorite team's next win.

The Ultimate Guide to Charlotte's Sports Scene

Start With A Pre-Game

Before the big game, grab a drink or two or play some arcade in one of these Charlotte hotspots:

If you're looking to work on your golf game, Topgolf is the place to visit! They also have other fun games on offer, like shuffleboard, cornhole, and giant Jenga. Or you can enjoy munching on their tasty food and drinks and watch your favorite game on one of their big screens.

It's time to hit your best shot at Pins Mechanical! They have classic ball games perfect for anyone looking for a great time, from foosball and duckpin to pinball and ping pong. They also have a fantastic curation of craft beers to make for a more enjoyable game.

What do you say about driving a real NASCAR race car? Try the Richard Petty Driving Experience and compete with others around the track - with no cars to follow or instructors to ride with you.

Amp Up The Excitement

If you can't make it to the game, experience the thrill of the event with other sports fans at lively taverns and sports bars near major fields and stadiums.

Lucky Lou's Tavern is known for its cheap beer and friendly service, which is why it's a favorite for many sports fans. Enjoy their outdoor patio, play on their pool tables, or sing your heart out in their karaoke.

Experience Britain in the heart of Charlotte by going to the Big Ben Pub. This is the best place for soccer fans who want to watch a game or two while sipping a cold beverage and enjoying a hot plate of fish and chips.

Selwyn Pub has been an iconic sports place in Charlotte for decades, as it's the best place to catch NCCA Tournament action and NFL. They offer traditional pub-style dishes, a wide selection of drinks, and a variety of classic board games anyone can enjoy.

Celebrate The Wins

Win or lose, celebrate your team's hard-fought battle in any of these perfect destinations.

After a day of adrenaline and excitement, head to Whiskey Warehouse for some fine whiskey or craft beer paired with their delicious selections of burgers and wings.

Indulge in the best traditional Southern barbecue and all the sides at Midwood Smokehouse. Select four types of meat from their Combo Platter, and end the night with a good game and a full belly.

Unwind with a high-end whiskey or craft beer and hand-rolled cigar at The Vintage Whiskey & Cigar Bar. The relaxing atmosphere of this chic lounge is just the perfect cap to a fun-filled game night.

You can also check out: Sticks + Beans or Graham Street Pub & Patio

We at Better Path also love watching and supporting NC's sports teams. So, in our next post, we will write about the games you need to catch next month - and it will be a series! So keep your eyes peeled!

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