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5 Charlotte Organizations to Volunteer in This Thanksgiving Season

Happy Thanksgiving!

Being with family and friends this season is one of the best ways to celebrate being grateful for everything we have. But if you want to make this time of the year extra special, there are many places in Charlotte, NC, where you can volunteer and lend a hand to those in need.

5 Organizations in Charlotte, NC, to Volunteer in This Thanksgiving Season

1. Mending Strides Ranch

Mending Strides Ranch is a nonprofit organization aiming to relieve the suffering of trauma survivors in the community through equine-assisted psychotherapy and help individuals develop life skills to improve their day-to-day life.

2. HopeMatch

HopeMatch is all about serving those who are overlooked within the community. Through various programs, this organization is dedicated to helping families who work hard to make ends meet yet do not qualify for government financial aid.

3. Hurdles In Heels

Nonprofit Hurdles In Heels aims to prevent the gaps in guidance, protection and nurturance from mothers to their adolescent daughters. They strive to create environments that facilitate healthy, long-lasting connections through programs, events and resources.

4. Friendship Trays

Friendship Trays is a private nonprofit with its own central kitchen and prepares about 750 balanced meals daily. Volunteers deliver these meals to individuals in the community who are unable to obtain and prepare their own meals due to age or infirmity.

5. Life Connections of the Carolinas

Life Connections of the Carolinas is a nonprofit organization dedicated to "Keeping kids out of jail - Keeping adults from going back". They teach skills to self-evaluate, manage stress, and connect with other individuals.

This year, let's share our blessings towards others and make other people happy, even in the smallest way.

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