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We Build New Homes!

Better Path Homes has set the pace for excellence in affordable home building, garnering praise for an efficient business model that saves buyers money and offers an unmatched quality of home for money.

Our homes are built on-site with thoughtfully designed floor plans that include all of the details that are important to your family: quality appliances, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and more.


This attention to customer needs, along with our consistent individualized service, allows for a smooth process and an excellent home. We are a family owned and operated company in Charlotte, North Carolina that specializes in providing stress-free home ownership. We love houses, but most of all we love people.

Passion for the Process

That’s why we started Better Path Homes, to build affordably-priced houses for first-time and mid-income homebuyers. But what makes us different from other investors, builders, contractors, and buyers? We have a passion for the process.... By that, we mean that we are there every step of the way: from buying the land, prepping, zoning and permitting, to building, and then even to handing the keys to the new owner!


We believe in the product and stand by the process we have perfected.

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10935 Winds Crossing Dr STE 300 

Charlotte, NC 28273

(704) 802 - 1097

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