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How Can You Sell Your Distressed Real Estate?

Millions of homeowners in the US are currently behind on their mortgage payments. Instead of waiting for foreclosure to happen, many could benefit from selling their distressed real estate and moving to a different home. If you live in Charlotte, NC, you can contact Better Path Homes to find out how you can easily sell your property. We will visit the home, make you an offer, and purchase the house within a few days.

How to Easily Sell a Home in Charlotte, NC

Sometimes, homeowners are happy to take their time selling their property. But at other times, speed is of the essence. If your property is distressed because you haven't been able to keep up with your mortgage repayments, it's best to sell as soon as possible. Fortunately, there is an easy way to do this in your local area.

Better Path Homes is a company that buys distressed homes from homeowners who need the money quickly. We offer a fair price and we don't charge any extra fees. Even if your home needs a lot of repairs or there is still a tenant living in it, you can sell it to us.

What Is Distressed Real Estate?

A property is considered distressed when it is on the brink of foreclosure. Distressed properties are often somewhat neglected since the owners have a hard time keeping up with the necessary maintenance. If you haven't been able to fix structural issues and update the decor and features of your house, you might not easily find a high-quality buyer. In such a situation, speaking to us is a good idea.

Getting in Touch with Better Path Homes

As you can see from our website, we buy a wide variety of homes in the Charlotte metro area. Owners who would like to sell quickly shouldn't hesitate to get in touch with us and tell us more about their property. You can either give us a call directly or fill in the simple contact form on our website. We will then speak to you about your home to find out whether it would be a good fit for us.

The more information you can provide us with during the initial phone call, the better we can judge whether we'd like to see your property. You should let us know the exact location, the size, the state of your mortgage, and any repairs that might be necessary.

The Inspection

If we decide that your home could be suitable for us, we will ask you to arrange an inspection. One of our employees will visit you at the property and walk through it to determine what changes might be necessary. The property specialist will take notes, and they might ask you questions. At the end of the inspection, they can let you know whether Better Path Homes is happy to make an offer. In most cases, the owner will receive the quote within 24 hours.

The Sale

After you receive an offer, you can decide whether you would like to accept it and then let us know. Even after your inspection, there is never any obligation, and you are free to make the choice that suits you best.

If you decide to go ahead, we will draw up a contract and take it to our attorney's office. Since we work with a highly experienced lawyer, you can expect the closing to happen securely and quickly. If necessary, we can close in as little as three days, but generally, we work on your timeline.

What Does "As Is" Mean?

This term refers to the fact that you don't have to do any renovations or repairs before selling to us. We are happy to accept houses and apartments that haven't been updated recently. What's more, we can even purchase properties with tenants.

Can I Also Sell Land?

Most people contact us because they want us to buy their home, but we sometimes get asked whether we also purchase land. If you have a piece of land in our area, we can help. We have connections to local developers, so we can purchase an empty lot and construct new homes on it. Since we're passionate about creating solidly built yet affordable housing for local families, your land will be put to good use.

If you own distressed real estate, time is of the essence. The faster you sell, the more easily you can move on and rebuild your life. Because selling a home traditionally takes a lot of time and effort, you should consider an alternative. Call us now at Better Path Homes in Charlotte, NC to find out more about our simple process. You could sell your property within a few days without having to pay high fees or go through the drama of a traditional sale.

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