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5 Things to Avoid When Selling Your Home Quickly

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

In the current economy, many people in and around Charlotte, NC are struggling to keep up with their debts, mortgages, and other financial commitments. If you're wondering how can I sell my house fast, you're not alone: but there are many factors to consider when making a quick sale. Today, we will go over some of the things you should avoid in order to make the most of your home.

1. Using a Standard Realtor

When selling a home, most people hire a realtor in their local area who helps them optimize the look of the house, create marketing materials, and advertise the property online and at the agency's physical location. Unfortunately, this process takes a lot of time. Your realtor will need to communicate with several buyers and organize viewings at the home, and there might be various offers to choose from.

From listing to closing, the average home in the local area sells within 80 days, so you will have to wait almost three months until you receive your proceeds. By the time your sale goes through, it might be too late, especially if you need the money right now. For this reason, a standard realtor isn't the best person to talk to when you need to sell quickly, and you should look for alternate options.

2. DIY Selling

Another common path is DIY selling. If you're in need of quick cash and you don't want to pay realtor fees, you might be tempted to list your home on your own and attempt to sell it directly. Unfortunately, this is an even worse option for most people, since they don't have the skills and knowledge to properly market their home.

In fact, many DIY sellers receive around 30% less for their property than they would with a realtor. What's more, they have to deal with the paperwork, marketing, and viewings on their own, which can be extremely stressful. It's best to avoid DIY selling when you're looking to sell your property quickly.

3. Not Exploring Alternative Options

Many people don't realize that there are companies that will purchase your property quickly and without any hassle. Here at Better Path Homes, we can make a sale happen within a few days or weeks at the latest. We are happy to take on properties that aren't in good repair, and we will always offer you a fair price for your home.

To get started, you can simply get in touch and tell us a bit more about the house in question. If we believe that it could be a good fit, we will schedule an appointment with you to come and see the home. We can then inspect it and make you an offer on the spot. Since we already have trusted attorneys, there won't be any delays, and the closing can be prepared quickly. Don't ignore this simple and efficient solution, which could be exactly what you need.

4. Making Too Many Changes to the Home

People who work with a traditional realtor often have to make a lot of changes to their home before they can sell it. They want their home to look its best, so it attracts a lot of high-quality buyers. But when you're making a quick sale, the cosmetic appeal isn't as important.

Companies looking for an investment property will most likely refurbish the house themselves, so they aren't interested in freshly painted walls or new light bulbs. You can save yourself time and hassle by skipping these repairs and selling your home as-is.

5. Expecting an Unrealistic Price

We understand that selling your house is an emotional process, especially if you've lived there for many years and have positive memories. But it's important to see your home realistically when you're pressed for time. While sellers who don't have any time constraints can wait for several months for the best offer, someone who needs the money now shouldn't hesitate too long to accept a fair price.

To build up realistic expectations, you could have a look at what similar properties have sold for in the last few months. When making comparisons, keep in mind that the time of the year, the condition of the property, and the exact location can have a big impact on the sale price.

More and more people are looking to relocate to a different home. This could be because they simply need a change or because they have trouble keeping up with a large mortgage. If you're wondering how can I sell my house fast, you shouldn't hesitate to contact potential buyers directly. Get in touch with us now at Better Path Homes in Charlotte, NC to speak to one of our experts and find out what price you could get for your property.

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