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Find Out Your Options When Facing a Foreclosure

There are actually many reasons why people face foreclosures. This could happen because of job loss or pay cut, leading to late payments or even no payments. Credit rating downgrades may also push them into trouble with debt. Another reason, most common during this pandemic, would be medical emergencies that could force homeowners to use their home loan money to pay the hospital bill.

But whatever the reasons are, there are several options you can explore when facing a foreclosure. And one of which is selling your home for cash to get out of a mortgage you can’t afford and buy something more affordable.

Benefits of a cash buyer

  • Pays with cash

  • Closes in seven short days

  • Purchases as is

  • No repairs

  • No renovations

  • Will purchase a home before you foreclose

One last advantage of a cash buyer is that there will be no realtor fees. You will save between 4-6% of your home’s value by avoiding those pesky realtor fees!

If this sounds like an excellent option for you, and you don’t want to waste any more of your time, contact us at (704) 802-1097 to get a fair cash offer today - no hassle, no drama!

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