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6 Interior Design Tips for Staging a Home to Sell

The difference between a staged and an unstaged home can be massive. Not only do staged homes sell for more money, but they also sell faster. This is a huge perk since it means you can gain more money quicker: but this doesn't come for free.

Beyond renting staging furniture, a lot of work and money goes into creating the perfect staged home. These are the top tips to follow so that your home gets everything it's worth.

1. Deep Clean the House From Top to Bottom

The most important first step you can take is to deep clean the home as thoroughly as possible. Getting rid of dust, debris, and discoloration on all surfaces can take time, but it's essential to do so. This means starting from the top to the bottom- dusting lights and fans, down to deep cleaning your floors. A cleaner home will give house hunters the chance to feel like they're the first on a property and let them look at the quality and shape of the home itself instead of the dirt of who lived there last.

2. Ensure the Wood Stain Matches and is Attractive

One of the most jarring parts of a home that can leave it feeling mismatched more than anything else is when more than one wood stain is in multiple pieces of furniture. To correct this, seek out the best interior wood stain you can find, and correct as many pieces of wood as you can. It's better to apply many thin coats over a period of time so that they come out even.

3. Remove Anything That Ages the Property

There are many things that can age a property; you should keep an eye out for them when planning to sell. One of the largest is out of date wallpaper and worn down floors or carpet. However, the walls are easier- you can fix them by steaming the paper off and researching how to repair drywall after removing wallpaper for an entirely smooth surface.

Old worn-down carpet or hardwood flooring will quickly make a space feel tired and aged. Update or replace the carpet or opt for a flooring option that's clean-looking and easy to maintain to help sell.

4. Create An Oasis in Every Bathroom

Bathrooms are one of the best places to update to give the entire space a fresh look. To update your bathroom and make it look brand new, consider using soft colors on your walls, eye-catching tiles, and black bathroom faucets to finish the look.

When dressing this area up, use a shower curtain that looks luxurious and deep clean any glass or mirror surfaces so that they look brand new.

5. Ensure All Natural Light is Emphasized

Natural light is one of the best things for any property. Utilize natural light by adding double-hung windows, using sheer curtains, and using light-colored furniture so they seem bigger and cleaner.

If you want to show it off better, you can include mirrors to carry natural light even further. Finally, as with all other parts of your home, deep clean your windows and ensure they look as new as possible. This will allow your home to look better-taken care of, and the views outside will be more evident from the inside.

6. Place All Pieces to Show Off the Best Areas of the Home

Your home can only look as good as you allow it to! If a space feels cramped or smaller, you can pull couches and chairs six inches away from walls to give off a more spacious look. In the bedroom, you can add a look of comfort by laying beautiful and soft rugs beside beds and in front of any seats. This will soften the look of the room while also allowing you to show how gorgeous your wood floors are!

How you place your furniture in your home will directly change the look and feel of the property. If you allow things to clutter, the space will seem smaller and have a clunkier flow than if you allow the furniture to emphasize the style of your property.

Buyers Agree to Value Based on Their Perception

The average buyer makes a large portion of their decision based on their perception of the property while they're walking through it. Therefore, you must ensure their perception matches what you want them to see!

But if you're looking to sell your home quickly and you don't have the time or financial resources to stage your property, you can always sell your home as is! Contact us today at (704) 802-1097 and get a fair offer without any hassle.

Ryan Shure is an editor for the Innovative Building Materials blog and a content writer for the building materials industry. He is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that save money, improve energy efficiency, and increase property value.

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