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The New Build Process: How We Make Magic Happen

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Here in Charlotte NC, there’s a shortage of available affordably-priced housing. Although this is good for the economy because people and businesses are flocking to the Queen City (and we love seeing that!), it becomes hard for home buyers to find a house.

That’s why we started Better Path Homes, to build affordably-priced houses for first time and mid-income homebuyers. But what makes us different from other investors, builders, contractors, and buyers? We have a passion for the process.... By that, I mean that we are there every step of the way: from buying the land to prepping to zoning and permitting to building and then even to handing the keys to the new owner!

We believe in the product and stand by the process we have perfected.

Want to know how we make magic happen? Read on….

It All Starts with the Land

The first thing we need is about 0.2-1.5 acre lots to build 1-4 houses on. We close our lots with cash in 6-8 weeks after inspections. Then the property goes to the counties for permitting and zoning. Once approved and permitted, it’s time to build!

Building a Home

  • Building starts with the foundation of either crawl space or slab. After an engineering firm inspects and approves the foundation, we move into framing.

  • Framing is where the home really starts to take shape! Windows and exterior doors are put in and rough plumbing/electrical are completed.

  • Once rough inspections are done, the home goes into drywall, trim, and paint. It’s amazing what drywall does for the property, as the rooms become more visible!

  • After that, the kitchen, cabinets, and fixtures go in.

  • The last thing to be installed is the flooring, using carpet in the bedrooms and vinyl plank in the main areas and hallways.

  • Finally, once everything is completed inside and out, the county inspects the home and gives us a certificate of occupancy. This approves the house for someone to live in so that we can sell it!

Selling the Home

Our homes get listed on the Charlotte MLS through a real estate agent so we can reach potential buyers. Since we are at a lower price point, we get offers from first time home buyers, veterans, newlyweds, and other people beginning their real estate journey! We also get cash offers from the various investors in the area.

Once the buyer has been chosen, we meet them for a final walkthrough of the house. And when everyone is happy and ready to go, we close the deal!

We love the new build process because it’s efficient and fun to do! We have helped 30-40 buyers in the Charlotte market and plan to increase our output of homes in 2022. So, if you have land to sell and want to help us with our mission, contact us at (704) 802-1097 today!

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