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Lots and lots and lots of …. Lots?

vacant lot, charlotte, NC
Georgia St, Charlotte

Why in the world would a real estate investment company want to buy vacant land? Well, it’s all part of our master plan.

“When we looked at the Charlotte metro area, we realized there was a big gap in homes for first time buyers - that is, new, quality built homes for first time buyers - and that is something that we happen to know a lot about,” explained Matt Ruggiero, Better Path COO.

With a land acquisitions expert who is specifically searching for and buying land and a project management team to oversee and plan the process, the Charlotte area is able to have these sweet homes in a price range first time home buyers can afford AND a quality that they should expect.

Looking to sell your empty land? Let us have a look at it - you don’t have to give a tour, just give us the address and some basic information and we can take it from there. (This is what we do - make it easy to sell any kind of property!)

“We have so many more lots lined up! This finished product has been pre-selling and flying off the shelf,” Matt added.

If you are interested in partnering with us on these deals and getting a nice return on your investment, give us a call at 704.899.5072.

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