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3 Ways to Sell Your Home

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Selling a house can be a difficult thing to do. And if you are reading this, then you’re probably in the process of selling your home and totally stressed out. Or you’re planning to but don’t know where to start.

Good thing, we are here to make your life A LOT easier!

Here are 3 different ways to sell your home, as well as some of their advantages and disadvantages.

Sell Your Home on Your Own

Obviously this is the ideal way of selling your home, right?


  • You get to list it yourself, pick when the showings are, and do everything else on your own time.

  • You get to set the price for the sale and negotiate things your way.

  • All the money is yours.

  • No need to worry about third-party fees.

These things may be true, but that doesn’t mean this process is going to be easy.


  • Most people who go this route end up experiencing a lot of problems, as things go wrong along the way.

  • You are solely responsible to do all the marketing of your home. And this is the hardest part because real estate agents have connections in the market and can easily find potential buyers. If you consider selling on your own, you will be competing with the monopoly of real estate agents.

  • You need to present your home in a pleasing manner. This means tidying up the place and making repairs and renovations so that your house becomes sellable. This alone can cost thousands of dollars, and it can take a lot of time.

So be careful when making the decision to sell your home on your own.

Hire a Realtor

Selling through a realtor is the most common approach people take when selling their home. It can also be the most difficult and time-consuming.


  • The reason why people take this route is that realtors have large marketing resources and experience with selling homes.

Don’t let this sway you too much when you are selling your home.


  • Realtors take a huge percentage of your sale.

  • Since they are trying to sell your home, they are going to require some repairs and renovations to be made. These can be costly and time-consuming, and you likely won’t see a return on these major changes.

  • Once the home is staged, you need to make your house clean and available for showings 24/7.

  • Realtors may know about the interested buyers, but it is still going to take time to find the right buyer.

  • This process can take months, and the final agreement price may be lower than what you had hoped for thanks to your realtor.

Sell to a Cash Buyer

A cash buyer is someone who purchases homes with cash. They buy all houses: old, new, nice, ugly, dirty, and even damaged.

Better Path Homes is one such cash buying company, and we want to purchase your home as is.


  • Sell your house fast. We close on your timeline (as early as in 2 weeks!)

  • No repairs or renovations needed because we buy houses 'as-is'

  • No fees, no closing costs, and no commission!

  • Easy and hassle-free private transactions

We also will not fall through on the sale because we have the proper funding already in hand. You can save the extra money you make on the home because you don’t owe us realtor fees.

Contact us at (704) 899-5072 today to start the process of selling your home!

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