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The Better Path Team


About Us

We are a family owned and operated company that specializes in providing a stress free way to sell your home, especially for those who are stuck in tough situations.

We love houses, but most of all we love people. 

Many people aren't even aware they have any options aside from selling a house "for sale by owner" or hiring a real estate agent. The best option for some is to sell directly to a real estate investor. We know that your home has incredible sentimental value and this is important to us. We are able to see past the needed repairs, damage, and complications when assessing your homes true value.

Jeff Johnson

Jeff Johnson


Jeff is our visionary. With years of experience in construction, he can look at a property or vacant lot and picture the possibility. It's a trait we all try to tap into!

Stephanie Betters


Stephanie is our caffeinated go-to mastermind. She is always on the go and works hard to juggle a million tasks - keeping her three businesses strong and constantly leveling up. 

Stephanie Betters
Zachary Betters

Zachary Betters


Zachary has a passion for helping people and for making a difference in the Charlotte community. With over 100 home renovations bought and sold, he has a knack for finding the best way to get to the heart of the problem and make it better.


Matt Ruggiero


Matt is our process guy and keeps 
us all in line! With a background in engineering and real estate, Matt is the guy who can break down the
big picture to help us get to the
finish line.

Heather Stiefel

Heather Stiefel


Heather is our numbers girl. She keeps track of all we have going on and makes sure we know what the end result SHOULD be so our lenders, our investors, and our team knows what's going on!

Noel Baker

Director of Dispositions

Noel is Queen of Dispo! A rockstar at heart (she builds guitars in her free time) she loves playing matchmaker with our buyers and sellers and making the best investment decisions.


Kimberly Rodezno

Transactions Coordinator

Kimberly is the girl you meet when you decide to sign with Better Path. She handles the transactions and is talking with sellers, lawyers, buyers, banks, and our team so that we all stay focused on the end goal: a peaceful, drama-free purchase!

Kimberly Rodenzo

Sara Kasper

Acquisitions Specialist

Sara is the sweetest acquisitions specialist you will ever meet. When she's not helping homeowners through decisions about selling their homes, she can be found whipping around the lake behind a boat... on two skis or maybe even one!

Sara KasperCutout.png
Sara Kasper_Shi_White.jpg
Image by Alyssa Graham

Coming Soon

Hiring Great Talent

As a great company focused on growth and finding the right people, we are always on the hunt for great talent.... could this be you? 

Lead Intake Specialist

Nick Petrie

Project Manager

Nick is a great guy, even despite the yankees jersey! He is amazing to work with and has a knack for people and projects. He skillfully blends these strengths into knocking projects out of the park that are loved by all. 

Nick Petrie_Cutout.png
Nick Petrie-Fun_Cutout.png
Gracie Tillett_FullWhite2.jpg
Gracie Tillett_10_FullWhite.jpg

Gracie Tillett

Project Manager

Gracie loves spending time outside and has a fantastic green thumb! With years of experience in hands-on construction, she is our expert at handling the new build process...and makes sure that our new homes are built with a Better Path mindset.

Matthew Liebman

Project Manager

As the tallest member of the team, Matthew helps bring us to new heights! He joined our team with construction experience to spare and really loves digging into our new build process (pun intended) and getting homes ready for the first owners.

Reyn Legang

Reyn Legang

Director of Inside Sales

Reyn is a master at leading, encouraging, and managing a team. Ever the inspiration, he makes a difference in each of our lives and creates a team dynamic where we can all succeed.


Rica dela Cruz

Lead Intake Specialist

Rica asks the right questions, she is not afraid to make decisions, and definitely enjoys figuring out ways to find solutions for real estate challenges. When there is a house or a parcel of land to sell, you can never go wrong with Rica!

Rica dela Cruz

Bella Alegonza

Lead Intake Specialist

There is no better way to talk about your real estate concern than in a calm yet reassuring manner. That's why Bella would be happy to walk you through the process. She always puts her heart into every real estate needs she attends to.

Shaira Alegonzo

Garnet Ane Pacheco

Lead Intake Specialist

Garnet Ane Pacheco
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